How I started over on Valentine’s Day

By Theresa Coates Ellis

This week, a great news article was written by Terri Erwin and published by Bull Run Observer (in print) this week about how George Ellis, my husband, and I, met on eHarmony.

Both of us had been married for long periods of time to other people, had never met, when the marriages both ended suddenly.

Valentine’s Days of the past have not all  been happy.

Valentine’s Day was a key crappy day when I decided to start to meet people again. At that time, I had been alone, running my business, and raising my children.

Years ago, I had a blog called “Tackle Your Life.” Below is my 2012 post about how I turned my big frown upside down. It wasn’t that easy.

Life can turn around. Keep moving forward, and meeting and enjoying people.

Tackle Your Life

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Behind the Scenes at eHarmony: Dating and 542 Marriages a Day

A few years ago, I was single and raising three girls. My oldest son lived in North Carolina with his wife and family. I tried online dating and was matched on eHarmony with a wonderful man named George. He had three girls of his own.
Six months later, we were married. I submitted our success story to eHarmony. “The ‘Brady Bunch’ on Estrogen,” was about two people falling in love and joining six daughters together in one chaotic home.
eHarmony loved the story! On Valentine’s Day 2011, they invited George and me to California to participate in their national marketing campaign.
Hair, makeup, wardrobe, and action! Twelve couples were invited to film, interview, and do photo shoots with eHarmony in the Hollywood area. We were labeled the “hip” parents. Strike a pose!
A few weeks later, our happy faces started popping up on and ads online! Some of the couples we met showed up on the TV commercials.
I have continued the relationship with eHarmonyby mentoring for their facebook community. A few weeks ago, eHarmony team members welcomed me, George, and our daughters, Jillian and Laura for a personal tour of their new 65,000 sq. ft. Santa Monica, CA corporate office.
eHarmony, a privately held company, was launched August 22, 2000 as an online dating site with an emphasis on long term relationships based on compatibility. An average of 542 eHarmony members marry every day in the USA as a result of being matched on the site.*
Lunch with members of Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Media was enjoyed in the City Grille in the Yahoo Center. Stories were shared about Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist who is the founder of eHarmony. Dr.Warren studied happily married couples to determine what made them happy. eHarmony’scomprehensive questionnaire was developed to determine the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility, later patented by Dr. Warren.
The highlight of the tour was the endless photos of success couples on the walls at eHarmony. We even spotted our candid shot and were asked to autograph it.

Our two teen daughters had a great experience meeting eHarmony’s friendly team and learning how a successful business operates. They both want to move to California.

Jillian, our future public relations major, looks very comfortable in the corporate environment!

*2009 U.S. survey conducted for eHarmony by Harris Interactive®

Bull Run Observer News Article By Terri Erwin Feb. 2020


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